Section Vacancies

We want to encourage you to come out and play in one of our bands as it is a lot of fun.  We’re always looking for any new members who want get back to playing music after being away from it for some time.

If you are interested in joining the Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Band, please choose the band level that best suits you. After trying out one or two rehearsals, the conductor (or section leader) can advise you if one of our other bands might be a better fit. New members are allowed 4 rehearsals before joining the band. 

Senior Band:

All instruments are welcome to give us a try

We are currenting needing 

• Percussion
• Clarinets
• Bassoons 

Intermediate Band:

All are welcome

Junior Band:

All are welcome


Novice Band:

The Novice Band is for anyone wishing to learn a new wind or percussion  instrument, so come on out!

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